Thursday, July 27, 2017

Seven and Then Eight

"The secret of life is to fall down seven times and get up eight times." ~Paul Coelho

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Your Saturday Smile

One of the Queen of England's ’s favorite
 songs has reportedly been revealed after
 it was played at a recent banquet.

After the dinner was completed, a
dance was reportedly held for the guests.  

At the point when ‘Dancing Queen’  began to play, a smile spread across the monarch’s face.  
Elizabeth then made her way to the dancefloor, before telling guests: “I always try to dance when this song  on, because I am the
Queen, and I like to dance.”

Because of music you can be a singer,
be creative, be smart, be a reader,
be active, be a learner, be joyful,
be a team player, be a thinker,
be a listener & be aware of others!